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This edition of HEALTH NEWS shares stories about graphene-infused pads for women.

The feature article is by Dr. Tyrone Malloy, MD, OB/GYN, JD shares how graphene pads help women. Also included are an additional 20 stories of women’s real experiences with the graphene pads.

Topics include how the graphene pads help women with cramps, headaches, length of cycle, itchiness, soreness, bladder leakage, odors, pain, and many other challenges.

Custom imprinting for the boxes on the front and back page are included at no extra charge.

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The HEALTH NEWS Newspaper aims to make it easier for you to share your message. Having a professional and published piece about it gives your message credibility. It’s the most cost-effective and powerful physical introduction tool you can use.

Make it Yours

The boxes on the front and back pages are for you to customize, and your information will be imprinted at no extra charge.

Many Ways to Use It

You can use HEALTH NEWS in many ways, including:

  • First, hand it to someone, anyone, anywhere you go.
  • Then, gently share it with your warm market, family, and friends.
    • For example, you could say: “I have a copy of HEALTH NEWS about graphene pads. Would you like a copy to read?”
    • This way, you are not over-sharing and let your family and friends have time to read it.
    • It’s called permission marketing, where you let others decide if they want to read it.
  • You can go to a local business and ask:
    • “I have your complimentary issues of HEALTH NEWS. Is it okay to set them on your reading table for your customers?”
    • If they say yes, put five or ten copies on their reading table.
    • Some businesses these work great at are beauty salons, doctor’s offices, car washes, chiropractor’s offices, small restaurants, car repair shops, etc.
  • You can fold a copy, put it into an envelope, and mail it to them.
    • It’s very personable.
    • People don’t get much mail so that they will open and read it.
  • You can use it in large quantities for large-scale marketing
    • Insert them into local subscription-based newspapers.
    • Use the postal service’s Every Door Direct Mail.
    • Buy targeted lists.

Differentiate Yourself with Personal Branding

It would be best to differentiate yourself to stand out from competitors (other distributors).

  • How do you Stand Out?
    • You are in business for yourself.
    • You need to brand yourself with your business and your name, not the name of the company with which you are associated.
  • How do you “brand” yourself?
    • Always place your personal information on any material that could end up in a prospect’s hand.
    • NEVER place the company's or product name with which you are associated.
  • When you stay independent, a prospect must contact you for more information.
  • This strategy eliminates a prospect from going to an internet search engine, finding the top distributor in your company, and “going around you” to sign up with someone else.
  • Building your personal brand will bring tremendous success through your marketing efforts.